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Understanding Chronic Inflammation

Population ageing is unprecedented, without parallel in human history, bringing with it an increasing age-related chronic disease burden. With the proportion of older people among the global population being now higher than at any time in history, maintaining health into older age (or Healthspan) has become the new and urgent frontier for modern medical research.

Human ageing is characterised by a chronic, low-grade systemic inflammation, and this phenomenon has been termed "
inflammaging". Although traditional research efforts focus on specific diseases in isolation (whether cancer, cardio- and cerebrovascular disease, or Alzheimer's) it is equally important to understand the complex interactions between underlying processes of ageing and susceptibility to chronic disease.

Inflammaging is a highly significant risk factor for both morbidity and mortality as we begin to age, as most if not all, age-related diseases share an inflammatory pathogenesis and development.

And this continues to be the principal research focus of the Australian medical research company Neurolex Pty Ltd for more than ten years, successfully resulting in the 100% natural, soluble, prebiotic vegetable dietary fibre supplement NEUROLEX providing for the first time opportunity for the 
likelihood of fully-functional, disease-free ageing, at an affordable cost.